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When you’re a popular website like ours, automated “Hack Bots”  always try to get into your site and flood it with ads.  So we have decided to create a new login page that should block the “Hack Bots” and keep Bronyland fun for you.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you now login
using this address:

use this

You can continue to use your current name and password


  1. Brite Butt Brite Butt says:

    This is a new process, and I’m not sure how well it will work.

    Please bear with me as I try to get our “Hack Bot” problem fixed.

    These Bots are hitting websites all across the Internet, so most hosting companies have implemented severe security measures. That’s why there have been problems for the past many weeks. Our website host simply made it so people could not sign in when we were under attack – which was almost non-stop.

    Hopefully these new measures (new login page that bots aren’t programmed to find)will help us all.

    But, if you are having problems logging in or registering, please post your comments here. I will try to stay on top of things.

    Thanks every pony!

    Brite Butt

  2. Dalek Companion says:

    Nothing happens to me…
    have I been hacked or something?

  3. Moonbutt says:

    1st i type in my username & password.
    then a weird looking bar appears above with a red line
    and then my username & password disappear…

    p.s.(your site has one of the worst log in systems i ever saw)

    • Brite Butt Brite Butt says:

      Hi Moonbutt,

      I agree… our login is bad. I’m going to try a different security plugin and see if I can get things working correctly.

      I sincerely apologize. I will keep at it until it is working better.

  4. rptr says:

    It says we need to “type into the form” to prove we’re human. Er…ponies. Uh, anyway, where is the form that it wants us to type into? The only space that’s type-able is the username/password space, and it doesn’t work.

  5. Vexyl says:

    My problem is whenever I backspace my username and password, then type them both in again, it says I need to actually type it in. This link is doing the same -.-

  6. Moonbutt Moonbutt says:

    I Managed to log in :D
    How to log in:
    Use the address displayed here and then manually type in username + password
    (it worked, at least for me)

  7. Shadowbolt says:

    My problem is that when I go to the hangout I login, after I put my email and password it says error 500. :rage:

  8. Shadowbolt says:

    Didn’t work for me Moonbutt. :(

    • Brite Butt Brite Butt says:

      Hi Shadowbolt,

      Perhaps clear your browser cache. That may work, but I’m not sure. If you still have problems post here again. I will continue to work diligently until this problem gets fixed.


  9. Chaseman Chaseman says:

    WOOOO! Thank Luna! I managed to log in!!!!!! If you could only see my look of excitement right now…

  10. Chaseman Chaseman says:

    To All Our Bronylanders,
    On behalf of the Bronyland contributors, and myself, I want to say sorry about the lack of content that has been available as of late, there rant many of us contributors that are still very active now days. And we aren’t able to put content up fast enough to keep up with what you guys want to see, that’s why even though me title originally was “video contributor” I have branched out to bring you all music, FanFics, videos, art, and little hello updates now and then. But with the developments of late, I have been unable to post and share updates. Where I’m going with this is … Sorry. But we all have BriteButt here to thank for getting us back up and running! So make sure that BriteButt knows he’s appreciated! And tell him thanks Everypony!
    Chaseman :rainbowdash:

    • Brite Butt Brite Butt says:

      Aw… thanks Chaseman.

      No need for anypony to show appreciation. I’m glad to help… but it does get frustrating when “techy” things happen and I’m not sure how to fix them.

      To all of you… if things aren’t working right, please contact me or post here. I promise I’ll do my best to fix things and hopefully keep at least one step ahead of those darned “Hack Bots”.

  11. At least it now worked. Finally my Dalek self can go back to Skaro.

  12. taco dash taco dash says:

    I can log in again, no one can ever tell me dreams don’t come true

  13. Shadowbolt says:

    Thanks BB I managed to login! :D

  14. Shadowbolt says:

    Never mind I couldn’t I pressed the bronyland.com/new login but I couldn’t and how do you clear your browser cache?

  15. Shadowbolt says:

    Oh and how do you change your picture?

  16. BrainStorm BrainStorm says:

    I got on! Hooray!

  17. howdy everypony my name is brad and i can create diffrent kind of ponies by my self like the profile picture of mine i created that pony you can ask me to create some

  18. Frost Feather Frost Feather says:

    Yay! I’m glad a bunch of people are back!!!!

  19. Dashey10 Dashey10 says:

    Yay. It worked. Couldn’t log in for a month. :D

    I’m still noticing some glitches. When I tried to make a comment here (lets hope this time it works), it gives me a 403 error. I get the same error when making a post. I deleted my cache but nothing happened

  20. Vexyl says:

    I. Am. MOBILE!!!!!! D: Dood you dont tell how to do it for Mobile, even though I cleared my history. -.-

    • Brite Butt Brite Butt says:

      Hi Vexyl,

      There are so many mobile devices and operating systems that I simply kept the “clear cache” explanation to the 3 major PC browers. I also did not include instructions for the Mac.

      I guess I will ask anyone who still needs instructions on how to clear their cache to go ahead and do a Google search for their particular browser / operating system.


    • Chaseman Chaseman says:

      I don’t believe you can clear a mobile cache. If you use a Google app or something along those lines, The browser app usually resets its self. So it clears its self. I do a lot of commenting through my mobile phone. And I was getting the Errors such as the 403 Error and not being able to log i, You just need to try back in a little bit, and you should be able to get in…

      Any help?

      • Vexyl says:

        Well when you say ‘clear browser-cache’ im assuming you mean where it clears my name and password when I click the link, so I assume I just wait til’ that happeens…. D:

  21. ask rarity says:

    My friend wanted to go on bronyland and changed the password behind my back now my account now I have to make a new one why do bad things happen to me :’(

  22. OneWingedPony OneWingedPony says:

    SO I am a new member to bronyland, and I was able to login and post comments on videos, but i seem to be having issues with the forums, it says i need to log in when im already logged in. I was going to start an introduction thread for newbies such as myself but i suppose i can wait :sad:

    • Brite Butt Brite Butt says:

      Hi One WingedPony,

      Glad to have you here at Bronyland. I’m glad registration and posting worked well for you.

      As far as the forum (Member’s Hangout), it is actually a third party forum that we have embedded in our website.

      So, you will first need to register with the forum (Member’s Hangout), and then each time you want to make a post there, you will need to login.

      I realize this is a pain – and we wish we had the technical skills and resources to have our own forum, but we still like our Hangout – and we hope you become an active member there as well.


  23. derpalicous derpalicous says:

    WOW this thing has blocked A LOT of hack bots….a hack bot is a hacker right?

    • Not always.

      Also, this must be the first time I have seen you online, on Bronyland (not Hangout)

    • Brite Butt Brite Butt says:

      Sometimes they are hackers (people) trying to bring down our website,

      and sometimes they are just computer programs that are sent from thousands of computers to hundreds of thousands of wordpress websites. They try to break in and get member info. And, sometimes do bad stuff.

      This is happening all across the website, and it’s a real pain.

      We’ll keep trying to keep it from causing us problems.


  24. I have no place to say this… but…

    This is TARDIS Companion, and I have changed my name to a more Star Wars-like name. Whovian is also added to show that I still like Doctor Who.

  25. Shadowbolt says:

    I managed to log in now Ill deal with the picture process later. ;)

  26. Shadowbolt says:

    Ahhhhhhhh! I can’t login it keeps on saying NAML 500 eror occurred or…. it just keeps on turning me back to the login page when I try to log in.

  27. Shadowbolt says:

    Also I can’t log in Gravatar. :(

  28. Shadowbolt says:

    Why do these things always happen to me? :cry: Welp I’ll need to be going.

  29. FlutterGuy FlutterGuy says:

    Finally got the log in thing to work, but said my name was already taken D:
    Is the this log in different from the forum’s log in?

    • FlutterGuy FlutterGuy says:

      Is this log in** :X

    • Brite Butt Brite Butt says:

      Hi FlutterGuy,

      Ya… the Bronyland website and our “Hangout” (forum) are different login and passwords – also our Broekaki. We’re not expert programmers who can do all that. But we did bring together some good stuff to have available for our community.

      Thanks for being part of the herd!


  30. Cryowhite says:

    Excuse me Brite Butt. :|
    When did these ‘Hack Bots’ which you spoke of exist by the way? :|
    It must be 100% ultra-serious news. :|

    • Brite Butt Brite Butt says:

      Hi Cryowhite,

      The serious “hackbot” problems actually started last year and it keeps getting worse.

      What happens is that some computers send programs out to wordpress websites and try to break in to the administration controls. If they get in then they use that wordpress website to send out more programs to break in to other wordpress websites. It just keeps growing and growing.

      The company we host this website with took serious measures to stop the “hackbots”. If anyone tried to login to this website more than 3 times with the wrong username and password – then the hosting company would block all logins for at least 15 minutes.

      Being a popular website, we get hit a lot – so we had to find some solutions that would help to keep our members able to still be able to login without all the problems.

      Our system isn’t perfect, but we try.

      Thanks for asking.


  31. rptr rptr says:

    Well, the system seems to be working efficiently for me now. The avatar is appearing, the login works…great job! It’s up and running now.

  32. Shadowbolt says:

    I can’t login on Gravatar

  33. Hypie4010 says:

    Looks like you all got the problem fixed, i only put in email though…. so thats a good thing that i dont have to find new website about bronies that is appropriate, becuase those seem to not show up all the time

  34. PrincessTwi PrincessTwi says:

    I know this is unrelated to this, but I did not know where else to put it… :blush: In the Broekaki it wont let me register. It says, Error Code: 403. :(

  35. Felicia says:

    Omg i never noticed that.Luckily i did not log in anymore.

    I hate bots etc that get into things i hate them!

  36. Sparky alicorn of the alchemical and arcane says:

    Man you gotta put up a link for the newest episode or something this one is 20,000,000% cooler

  37. Flutterdash says:

    I have a question about the broekaki. How do you register? It won’t let me!
    Is there some new login for that too?

  38. Rainbownight Rainbowdash___11 says:

    I cant login or register to the broekei! help!

  39. sparky sparky says:

    So WordPress is acting up and I can’t login to my old account so I made a new on the only difference is my username is sparky instead of triple A as usual also it wants me to type my username manually and it don’t work

  40. Aj reyes says:

    When I try to log in it keeps saying invalid username or credentials please HELP

  41. Angela says:

    How do I take the quize

  42. TurboGamer says:

    I registered for an account, but it says it will send my password, I have no idea what it is.

  43. TurboGamer TurboGamer says:

    I managed to log in! Yay!

  44. Twilight Sparkle says:


  45. Taylor says:

    how do you regrister? cause im a BIG FAN OF MLP. Sorry for making it big and long,I just love mlp :D.Soooooo, can anyone tell me how to sign in.plz :D thank you :D

  46. partypink says:

    hi im recently became brony im a guy who likes parties alot like pinkie pie lol anyone want to become my friend putting it for all bronies around the word

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