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Hello evrybody, I apologize about the lack of trivia during the week. Since it’s almost time to perform Grease I need to focus my attention on that. Anyway, today’s theme is all about: The Great and Powerful Trixie!


1. How was she originally designed?
2. Where does her name come from?
Bonus: What is unique about her eyes?

Answers to #116:

1. 4-5 times
2. Suited For Success
Bonus: 33 1/3-LP


Solar Cloud, TARDIS Companion, taco dash, Moonbutt, Vexyl, Frost Feather, BrainStorm, Princess Twilight, and Shadowbolt

Good Luck!! :D


  1. 1: She was originally designed as a male, but scrapped and changed to female.
    2: The Great and Powerful Oz.

  2. Vexyl says:

    Still cant log in. D:
    1) She was originally envisioned as a male, because of her boastful personality.
    2) Its a ‘diminutive’ version of Beatrix (I dont know who Beatrix is xD)
    Bonus : Her eyes only have one reflection, where most ponies have 2, and most foals have 3. This is a quality shared between about a dozen ponies.

  3. Moonbutt Moonbutt says:

    1.As a male
    2.The Great and Powerful Oz
    Bonus:That the color is Dark grayish violet, oh and she has a single reflection in the eyes.

  4. Shadowbolt says:

    1: First was made into a male. #trixie
    2: The Great and Powerful Oz. I capitalized everything because it’s a movie. :3
    Bonus: One reflection in her eyes. Here’s a pic: :trixie:

  5. Princess Twilight Princess Twilight says:

    1) Originally a stallion
    2) The Great and Powerful Oz which I love <3
    3) She has one reflection in her eyes

  6. Cheekycheezy Cheekycheezy says:

    1. As a stallion
    2. The great and powerful oz
    Bonus:one of the few ponies to have a single reflection in her eyes.

  7. Shadowbolt says:

    Oh wait I forgot! No cheat team!

  8. Minxy says:

    1) She was originally going to be male
    2) The great and powerful oz
    3) Only one reflection in her eye.

  9. Flask Erlenmeyer Flask Erlenmeyer says:

    Time’s up

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