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Don’t know if you’ve seen these yet or not, but certainly worth a look! There are some crazy ones there… which was your favorite?


  1. Moonbutt Moonbutt says:

    At 6:30 that’s that’s how EqG should look!

  2. Video #4 was my favorite. The swearing scene almost made me roll on the floor laughing and continue for an another minute.

  3. PrincessTwi PrincessTwi says:

    Ummm… Okay.

    • PrincessTwi PrincessTwi says:

      I liked the derpy one, the pinkie fun one, the one with the paper birds, and the one with the anime. I am not sure about the 7:30 because I have no idea what it is saying.

    • PrincessTwi PrincessTwi says:

      I am not sure that I should have watched some of this… I am too young…

  4. xxDJPon-3xx xxDJPon-3xx says:

    I’d say my favorite videos were a tie between lets boop and dramapony

  5. Cassadragon Cassadragon says:

    OMG these are interesting vids, but I was super surprised to see an Owl City PMV on there! That’s awesome (Owl City is my fav band, and I love when I see Owl City and MLP mixed toegether). :)

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