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Eeyup, it seems as though Friendship is Magic is taking a week off to recoup. That means there’s no new episode for today. Sorry, fillies and gentlecolts!

However, according to this place, new episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will start at 1:00pm Eastern Time beginning March 3rd. Now us Bronies finally have a chance to sleep in, am I right? What are your thoughts on this time change?

Four new episodes are on the horizon, and, FINALLY, two of them are Fluttershy-centric:

  • Putting Your Hoof Down (3/3/12)
  • It’s About Time (3/10/12)
  • Dragon Quest (3/17/12)
  • Hurricane Fluttershy (3/24/12)
    from MLP:FiM Wiki