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Howdy Everypony! I’m Back!!! And I found A Funny Video Where They Compare Rainbow’s Stats With 1st Gen Starscream. And See Who Would Win *Que Music* A Death Battle! WoOt! Enjoy!

Howdy Everypony! No, Im Dead Yet… And Haven’t Dropped Off The Face Of The Earth. I’ve Just Been Really… Really… Really Busy. But I Have A New Post For All You Mares And GentleColts. Enjoy!


So if you’re Rainbow Dash, having some fun at the beach, playin’ with your frisbee, you might just want to kinda keep an eye on where you are and stay a little farther away from the other beach-goers!  Just sayin’…

WOOOOOHOOOOO! Rainbow Dash is in the new Transformers Age Of Extinction!!!!

The Brony Community Is A Family, We May Not Always See Eye To Eye… But We Are A Family! Looks Perfect To Me! :)


Need a chuckle? Here ya go! Love the unique art style by RDbrony16, and oh, don’t forget that ending! lol

I found a couple more “Exclusive” shorts! Enjoy Everypony! :)

And here is a reaction video I spent 5 minutes putting together… cause why not…

Howdy Everypony! Are you ready to PONY ROCK!


Hello everybody :)

Man, I really have to come back here more often. Don’t wanna leave you guys.

Anyway, I found a trailer to the Season 4 finale and I decided to share it with you. :)

Do you think it has any connection to the new Equestria Girls movie?

Tell us by leaving a comment below!