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Howdy Everypony!

I found a great PMV by Jack DC 93, with music by Madeon. Enjoy!

For those of you who need some Knife Party Dubstep. xD

Howdy Everypony! Long time no see :D

Well I’ve been gone for quite a while now, and I apologize for my absence. So to say sorry, I’m gonna post a handful of videos tonight. Enjoy!


Howdy Everypony! I was searching youtube when I found an SFM animation from an old anime comedy. Enjoy!

It’s always fun to watch Bronies react to the Ponies! This one also includes our own Juu50x (who always cracks us up)… so sit back and hand them an hour of your life! ;)

“Come to the Dark Side, Rainbow Dash! We have cookies!” It’s the Rainbow titled video you’ve all been waiting for!….Technically! Inspired by ACRacebest’s Bronies React. An unmitigated showcase of submitted first-time reactions, improvised satire, and on-the-fly analyses of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, by Bronies and casual fans alike.”

Words do not describe…. Wheres the Facehoof emote when you need it.

Rainbownight told me about an essay he had to write about “The fastest thing”, so he wrote about calculating how fast Rainbowdash can fly! We thought you’d get a kick out of reading it, so here you go!
Rainbow Dash

How fast is Rainbow Dash Click More to find out!
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Howdy Everypony! I’m Back!!! And I found A Funny Video Where They Compare Rainbow’s Stats With 1st Gen Starscream. And See Who Would Win *Que Music* A Death Battle! WoOt! Enjoy!

Howdy Everypony! No, Im Dead Yet… And Haven’t Dropped Off The Face Of The Earth. I’ve Just Been Really… Really… Really Busy. But I Have A New Post For All You Mares And GentleColts. Enjoy!


So if you’re Rainbow Dash, having some fun at the beach, playin’ with your frisbee, you might just want to kinda keep an eye on where you are and stay a little farther away from the other beach-goers!  Just sayin’…