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Ok, well that actually went a lot faster than I thought. Now the site should look, of course, 20% cooler!! The look and feel of the site is now so much nicer than it was before, plus all of the other pony themes are compatible with the new look as well.

Did you know you can switch the color scheme and the banner up top to one of the main six ponies by clicking them up in the top right corner of the site? Over time, I’m planning on adding tons of different banners and character themes (I say character as there will be Spike, Discord, etc.), but for the time being, those six should give you enough variety to smile merrily while you get your hooves on. I mean groove on.

Not only that, but now there are some awesome pony emoticons on the site! :D There are plenty of them and you can read the guide to figure out how to include them in your comments. These were created by midori-no-ink on deviantART, and here is a link to the original pack if you want to check them out.