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What's your favorite color?

What's your favorite time of day?

Are you a talkative pony?

What's your favorite season?

Are you usually energetic?

Can you keep secrets?

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Which greeting are you most likely to use towards your friends?

Do you brag about your accomplishments or achievements?

Do you tend to forgive and forget, or do you hold grudges for a long time?

If you could travel to any time period, what would it be?

Do you trust other ponies easily?

Would you consider yourself lazy?

Do you like being around other ponies? Or do you prefer peace and quiet?

How important is exercising and staying fit to you?

What's your favorite form of art? (Either what you do or what you enjoy the most)

Do you get upset easily if you lose?

Of these, which would you want as a pet the most?

Which of these magical elements are your favorite?

What's your favorite suit in a deck of playing cards?

What's your favorite fruit of the ones listed here?

What kind of place would you like to live in?

What is the meaning of life?

If you were a super-pony, what would your superpower be?

What do you think the coolest accessory is for a pony such as yourself?

What's your favorite number?

Which kind of pony is your favorite?

If you bought a pizza that had eight slices and have two friends over, how would you split it?

Are you more likely to get into a fight or to run away from one?

Are you more of a leader or more of a follower?

What genre of movie or TV show is your favorite?

Are you a mare (female) or a stallion (male), and what are you like?

Rock, Paper, or Scissors?

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  1. Pinkie Pie! says:

    Pinkie Pie! Cool.

  2. FlutterPonyPals says:

    I got Twilight but I’m not really the reading type I always thought I was most like Fluttershy that shy and quite type around the strangers but is more comfortable around my friends :D

    But the way this describes Twilight I actually agree on the part that says:

    You also tend to be a tad socially awkward, not always sure how well you fit in with your friends or maybe not even having a lot of them in the first place, but you’re still a solid friend when it comes down to it and would be there to help any of them with their problems.
    Even though you may be talented, you’re the total opposite of a showoff, shying away from bragging or even talking about your talents. You don’t want the world to think you’re a braggart, after all. You’re quite humble and modest, but you’re also looking for acceptance and praise for your talents.

    Part so yeah :] I’m a TwilieShy kind of person I guess :]

    BTW i’d totally have a scootaloo as my pet it’d be So awesome <3

  3. megagun31 says:

    yes i’m Applejack even though my fave is rainbow i’m still happy

  4. Stormy Spectre says:

    I. um.. I’m most like fluttershy.. not that to many people care…

  5. Vitamin says:

    Да-а-а, Эппл Джек! Я всегда буду похож на тебя и Флатти.
    (Yes-a, Apple Jack I will always look like you and Flutty.)

  6. Emeral_Folly says:

    Hmmm. Says I’m most like applejack, but i think i’m more of a mix of fluttershy and rainbow dash.

  7. MachoPony says:

    I am a Fat Lazy Gamer who dosent give a c**p about much and is usually unsociable to an extent


  8. LUKASADE says:


  9. Sniknah says:

    Yay! I’m Fluttershy :3, definitely saw that one coming :P…haha… I LOVE MLP:FIM!!!!!!! This quiz was fun :)

  10. Moripony~ says:

    Pinkie Pie :D
    Best pony c:

  11. DrPoke DrPoke says:

    1st pinkie 2nd RD 3rd AJ and Twi 4th rarity 5th fluttershy—–im kinda suprised with the results but happy :D :P :0 :)

  12. Kenneth says:

    YYYYYYAAAAAAaYYYYY i’m flutter shy are excited i never been excited well bot when i found the quiz! i mean like flutter shy can u belive can u guess who i like too? REPLY PLLLLLLL.

  13. RainbowDashie01 says:


  14. RAINBOW DASH 1 says:

    Yessss don’t Know how but I’m rainbow dash

  15. jacoo says:

    rainbow dash… I thought I’d be more twilight, but I guess not!

  16. AlphaGhostBrony says:

    Pinkie Pie? But im a mix between Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle…

  17. Colonel Mcboot says:

    I was Twilight Sparkle, what joy!

  18. AlphaGhostBrony says:

    LOL on my actual test i got all BUT Rainbow Dash. How ’bout that?

  19. LifeNinja987 says:

    i’m RD

  20. rebekah says:

    im th stinkin twilight im rambow dash totaly

  21. brony demon says:

    i didn’t think i was like applejack but who knew i am XD

  22. cosmik says:

    loading…… test not work!

  23. cosmik says:

    and this: rainbow dash! yes she is my faworite pony!

  24. Scoots says:

    1. Rarity (Not Surprised)
    2. Pinkie Pie (What? O_o)
    3. Applejack (…)
    4. Twilight Sparkle (I thought she would be higher)
    5. Rainbow Dash (Cool)
    6. Fluttershy

    • Angelica1084 says:

      Hey i got,
      1. Fluttershy(Small, Quiet Yay)
      2. Applejack (Ummm What?)
      3. Pinkie Pie (So? i like to party a bit)
      4. Twilight Sparkle (i hate School and Math :P)
      5. Rarity and Rainbow Dash ( LOLOLOLOLOLO)

    • Pinkie=Funny says:

      I took this test like five times and no matter what I changed (I still answered truthfully.) I got the same results.

      What I thought I would get.
      1.Twilight(I’m such a nerd.)
      2.Fluttershy(I don’t really talk,just listen.)
      3.Pinkie Pie(I can be hyper sometimes)
      4.Applejack(I’m not that hard of a worker)
      5.Rainbow Dash (I am totally NOT cool)
      6.Rarity(Don’t even get me started.)

      What I got:
      1.Pinkie Pie (I love her but didn’t expect that.)
      2.Twilight/Applejack/Rainbow Dash(They always tie)
      3.Fluttershy(I would have thought she would have gotten in second.)
      4.Rarity(That was no surprise what so ever.)

    • Red36579 says:

      1. Rainbow Dash
      2. Applejack – Applejack and Rainbow Dash are so close together, doesn’t surprise me. Im like an Apple-Dash
      3.Twilight Sparkle
      4. Pinkie Pie
      5. Rarity
      6. Fluttershy – with nothing haha

    • RainbowDashien48 RainbowDashien48 says:

      Awwwww Yeah! Rainbow Dash!

    • Rainbowanddash Rainbowanddash says:

      1º: Rainbow Dash (I am very strong)
      2º: Applejack (I like apples!)
      3º: Pinkie Pie (I’m a bit funny)
      4º: Twilight (I hate study)
      5º: Rarity (LOL)
      6º: Fluttershy (Trollface)

    • Pokebrony Pokebrony says:

      I got
      1. Pinkie Pie (im cheerful,DONT YOU SAY?)
      2. Fluttershy (well,im a bit shy too.)
      3. Twilight Sparkle (Im such a nerd xP) (WOW i cant belive im most my fav ponies! (Fav Pegasus:Fluttershy,Fav Unicorn:Twilight,Fav Earth Poneh:Pinkie))
      4.Applejack (:P)
      5. Rainbow Dash (it might be bcuz i picked scootaloo?,well im a scootaloo fan!)
      6.Rarity (WOO,Im not like her :D (COZ I HATE RARITY!))

    • Rainbowanddash Rainbowanddash says:

      My mother results:

      1º Twilight (She’s a mad with books)
      2º Fluttershy (My mother says Yay! :lol: )
      3º Applejack (She like a bit apples)
      4º Pinkie Pie – Rarity (Not idea)
      5º Rainbow Dash (MOTHER YOU LIED ME!!!!! :loveme: )

    • bronydude101 bronydude101 says:

      Pinkie pie for second? Hmmmm…

    • bronydude101 bronydude101 says:

      I got 1. Rainbow Dash (she rocks) and 6.Fluttershy (she is pretty cool to but I am not similar to her at all.

    • RainBowDash says:

      yay i got rainbow dash on my first try!

  25. Blackberry-chan says:

    With as many times as this test has been revised, I’m a little disturbed to see it still listing anime as a genre.

  26. Stefanie says:

    1.Rainbow Dash….Awwww yeaaahhh
    2.Pinkie Pie ?!
    4.Twlight Sparkle …ahammm
    5.Apple Jack

  27. Angelica1084 says:

    :P :) :( testing faces :D

  28. FlutterDoll says:

    lool Applejack

  29. Angelica1084 says:

    lol i choose Scootaloo as my Pet and theres a picture of here with HEarts in heres eyes :P MOST LIKE RAINBOW DASH

  30. Jennifer says:

    I got fluttershy (I love animals and don’t talk much in real life)[url=http://www.bronyland.com/pony-personality-test/?q=Nzc4Mnw0NzM3ODI][img]http://www.bronyland.com/images/quiz/banner_fluttershy.jpg[/img][/url]

  31. Jennifer says:

    how do you make faces?

  32. Skye says:

    Twilight Sparkle
    Apple Jack
    Rainbow Dash
    Pinkie Pie

  33. GamerBrony GamerBrony says:

    1. Twilight (I thought so)
    2. Fluttershy (Very true)
    3. Applejack (Most definitely)
    4. Pinkie Pie (Definitely not an extrovert)
    5. Rainbow Dash (too many risks for me)

    Overall, very very accurate representation.

  34. Counter Pony Equstria Offensive says:

    Well this isn’t anything new 2 of my top 5 ponies are always popping up Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie in real life i’m like both combined Pinkie Pie for her love of partying,playfulness,and energy.Rainbow Dash for standing up for others,sorta bragging,and last for her attitude./)^3^(\ Glad this quiz agree’s with me but I love Derpy Hooves the most!

  35. Counter Pony Equstria Offensive says:


  36. Counter Pony Equstria Offensive says:

    testing faces sorry for all the reply’s ._. :) :D :O :P D:

  37. cherry says:


  38. AssimilatedBrony says:

    1. Rainbow Dash – Aw yeah!
    2. Twilight Sparkle – That’s what I thought
    3. Rarity – That’s preposterous
    4. Pinkie Pie – I thought it would be number 3
    5. Applejack – Saw this coming *sighs*
    6. Fluttershy – I’m gonna cry now

  39. yet another pony says:

    1. Rainbow Dash
    2. Pinkie Pie
    3. Rarity
    4. Applejack
    5. Fluttershy

  40. Ninbikun says:

    1: Applejack
    2: Rarity
    3: Twilight
    4: Fluttershy
    these were really tight
    5: Rainbow Dash 10%
    6: Pinkie Pie 5 %

    I was expecting Twilight to come up first, I don’t get it why I got Applejack, I’m nothing like her. :/ I don’t get Rarity eather, I’m like… Twilight and Fluttershy mixed in my opinion.

  41. Comet says:

    I thought I’d be more like rainbow dash but I wasn’t rainbow was second applejack was first

  42. Hiya!!! I'm Kate Sarina Calico! :D says:

    1.Pinkie Pie (Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :D)
    2.Twilight Sparkle (School is very important!)
    3.Apple Jack (umm… okay?)
    4.Rainbow Dash (seems right…ish?)
    5.Flutter Shy (if I did this test last year she’d be first!)
    6.Rarity (correctormundo!!!!)

  43. SLALKSSSLK says:

    PINKIE PIE!!!! not really surprised :D

  44. Rainbowie says:

    My result is Applejack, but it was a close tie with Pinkie Pie.

  45. dovahshy dovahshy says:

    twilight(well thats great! i love reading and being with my friends!)
    fluttershy(well im shy and quiet and keep to myself,i also speak slightly silently alot!)
    rarity!!!i think thats because i enjoy a scarf!
    applejack!im trustable and honest!and i keep others secrets with my life
    pinkie pie,being fun and lovable aint easy now aint it!
    rainbow,well i dont boast or brag at all even though im like the tf2 scout being fast and tall-ish

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