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Here's Your Results!

Here is your result that you got when you took the test on 07/08/12. There's also a link for you to share this personality result with your friends so they can see just how much you are like Twilight Sparkle!

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Answer the Questions and Take the Test!

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What's your favorite color?

What's your favorite time of day?

Are you a talkative pony?

What's your favorite season?

Are you usually energetic?

Can you keep secrets?

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Which greeting are you most likely to use towards your friends?

Do you brag about your accomplishments or achievements?

Do you tend to forgive and forget, or do you hold grudges for a long time?

If you could travel to any time period, what would it be?

Do you trust other ponies easily?

Would you consider yourself lazy?

Do you like being around other ponies? Or do you prefer peace and quiet?

How important is exercising and staying fit to you?

What's your favorite form of art? (Either what you do or what you enjoy the most)

Do you get upset easily if you lose?

Of these, which would you want as a pet the most?

Which of these magical elements are your favorite?

What's your favorite suit in a deck of playing cards?

What's your favorite fruit of the ones listed here?

What kind of place would you like to live in?

What is the meaning of life?

If you were a super-pony, what would your superpower be?

What do you think the coolest accessory is for a pony such as yourself?

What's your favorite number?

Which kind of pony is your favorite?

If you bought a pizza that had eight slices and have two friends over, how would you split it?

Are you more likely to get into a fight or to run away from one?

Are you more of a leader or more of a follower?

What genre of movie or TV show is your favorite?

Are you a mare (female) or a stallion (male), and what are you like?

Rock, Paper, or Scissors?

Share and Compare!

Congrats, now you know who you are, but you know you want to know what kind of pony personalities your friends have, don't you? So go ahead and give them the link to your results, then tell them to take the test and give you their link so you can see theirs! Not only that, but you can use the boxes below to compare your results with up to five friends as long as you have their URLs or their Share IDs. Remember, you need to have either the & at the start of a Share ID, or the http:// in the start of a URL!

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  2. SparkleDonut says:

    YAY! I am PINKIE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is true, I am!

  3. SparkleDonut says:

    YAY! I am PINKIE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is true, I am!

  4. SparkleDonut says:

    Sorry, I posted the same comment twice!

  5. Summer Freund says:

    Rainbow dash

  6. Pegasister1995 says:

    Fluttershy :P

  7. FabulousDivaRarity says:

    I got Rarity! I knew it all along.

  8. cosplayQueen says:

    I got Rarity.

  9. Twilight Scratch Twilight Scratch says:

    Raritwipie (Rarity, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie)
    (Overall was Twilight, but they all looked like they were pointing at the same distance)

  10. lol says:

    I got………. Rainbow Dash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Angelica says:


  12. cuteowli says:

    I got rainbow dash yeaaaaa :P

  13. Adolf Hitler says:

    yesh. i got PinkieDash. Heil!

  14. Rarity7331 says:

    I had applejack,Rarity, pinkie pie but overall was rainbow dash

  15. Dimondapple says:


  16. grace says:

    i got rareity but i am nothing like her i am more of a applejack/rainbowdash

  17. Darkling208 Darkling208 says:

    Ya apple jack

  18. Jess angel says:

    I got rainbow dash!! :O knew it! xD

  19. I am princess twilight sparkle but i just a little fluttershy. The second test i answer it lol and no RD just but all the way fluttershy. Hello my name is Princess Twilight Sparkle and my best friend is twilishy. Who like twilight say YAY!!!!!! sorry

  20. I am princess twilight sparkle but i just a little fluttershy. The second test i answer it lol and no RD just but all the way fluttershy. Hello my name is Princess Twilight Sparkle and my best friend is twilishy. Who like twilight say YAY!!!!!! sorry
    Whats your favourite elements?

  21. Shadow says:

    it’s not telling me what i got…

  22. Shadow says:

    Never mind I got Rainbow Dash… it’s all good, I got my favorite!!

  23. Derpy_4_life Derpy_4_life says:

    I was rainbow dash


  24. Centaur71 says:

    I’ve taken the test multiple times and continue coming up as Fluttershy, so I guess I’m Fluttershy’s little Sibling! yay!

  25. ghostghost7 says:

    Im AppleJack

  26. fireflash says:

    omg that is creepy the test is the exact same as the amount i like a certain pony with my personality being applejack

  27. applejack says:


  28. applejack says:


  29. Trixie Lulamoon Trixie Lulamoon says:

    I got Fluttershy. Yay!

  30. RainbowDash says:

    i got rainbow dash! yayay!!

  31. BaconLord BaconLord says:

    I got Rainbow Dash, yet my favorite is Fluttershy…what.

  32. meainie i am drama queen so i have a manicure in 3 minutes!!!!!! i bet you can guess who i got!!!!!!!!!

  33. i can't think of a name says:

    OMG I GOT PIKIE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. fluttershy says:

    I got half fluttershy half pinkie pie and all rarity so im a pretty fancy shy playful pony just like I wanted to be yay!!!!!!!

  35. gsgtfewgveq says:

    I got half fluttershy half pinkie pie and all rarity so im a pretty fancy shy playful pony just like I wanted to be yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. gsgtfewgveq says:

    I got half fluttershy half pinkie pie and all rarity so im a pretty fancy shy playful pony just like I wanted to be bhbgvbgvfgvfcdrfvgfgfvvfrt7yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Catholic Brony Catholic Brony says:

    O my goodness, I just re-did the test because I felt that some of the questions I would have answered differently and I got Rarity AGAIN, but this time, it was Rarity by a landslide. There’s no denying it now : I am a Rarity!

  38. Oh boy, I got Rainbow Dash.

  39. bob says:

    i don’t like how this assumes that i am both normal and a decent person

  40. LU!GI says:

    LOL i got fluttershy


    i mean yay…

  41. brian says:

    Half Rarity and Half Pinkie Pie…not bad!

  42. Jillian says:

    Never heard if Half Rarity and Half Pinkie Pie!
    Wow! What Diffrent Names for My Little Pony!

  43. Corruption says:

    Rarity Pie

  44. ArvonGames ArvonGames says:


  45. Rainbow Dash is Boss says:


  46. Angel says:


  47. KittyKat66 says:

    ……….ll Are you a guy?

  48. KittyKat66 says:

    ………….ll Are you a guy?

  49. Remix Marshall says:

    I got Rarity too. I think it’s awesome, being that i love rarity, and it proves to my friends that i am not as much like pinkie pie as they say i am. I also lean more toward Twilight Sparkle and Applejack. My next two favorite ponies.

  50. ronshii says:


  51. SoccerPluckin says:

    I dont even want to imagine that cutie mark

  52. RD FAN says:

    I got RD YESH i didnt cheaT ON IT OR ANYTHING! but my friend did all honest answeres to and got fs just who she loves but im loyal not honest XD

  53. Rainicornidash says:

    I got Rainbowdash,Applejack,then Rarity I’m so not dramatic though should’ve got Twighlight Sparkle. :(

  54. gwen says:

    good 4 u

  55. Apple pie says:

    Apple pie… Buckya, LOL

  56. Apple pie says:

    I <3 mlp it's my favorite show in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(THOUSANDS OF MORE EXCLAMATION POINTS LATER) just 1 thing I forgot, I also love equestria girls show…ALOT!!!, and I'm the biggest fan of Applejack in the world and if anyone thinks there a bigger fan than me THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Ali

  57. Belchfire9 Belchfire9 says:

    Cool I got rainbow dash! YAYAYAYAYAY!

  58. EpicBrony724 EpicBrony724 says:

    I got Fluttershy too! It was the first time i took the quiz.


  59. Rainbowdashesbuddy says:


  60. Princess luna says:

    I got pinkie pie

  61. tanisha says:

    you’re crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Rainicornidash says:


  63. Amne says:

    I,am Pinkie Pie

  64. Fluttergirl says:

    I got Fluttershy… :)
    I’mma… go now.

  65. MYLITTLEPONYSUCKS!!!!! says:

    My little pony sucks. Why would you even like it?

  66. rachel says:

    i got rain bow dash :3

  67. apple jack says:

    i got apple jack how cool

  68. Shadowbolt says:

    Hi I’m going to tell you daily news :Get the trivia answers right and I Shadowbolt :cool: will give you Spike the Dragon figure with bow tie :) No news for daily news+ sorry :(

  69. rainbowdash rainbowdash says:

    me to ;)

  70. Derpy Hooves says:


  71. Abbey Bominable says:

    I’m a pinkie pie

  72. Saffron says:

    All the names below sound like those weird shippings

  73. sara says:

    shut up loser!that’s me.and listen i’m real life pinkie pie you floppy guys are so dead like a candy marshmallow!!!!

  74. ponyangel says:


  75. tanisha says:

    dont lie.you are my cousin and i know that you are not real life pinkiepie

  76. thegamerator10 thegamerator10 says:

    Oh. Is that so? *cracks knuckles*

  77. Playahermosa Playahermosa says:

    It’s obvious you’re not Pinkie Pie because PP would never call someone a loser or be so mean.

  78. theWaLrUs says:

    O.o wat

  79. Eris Spirit of Chaos says:

    I’ll have you know I’m related to EVERY bad guy from the show! (not really! :P)

  80. FATASH says:


  81. Lusi says:

    PP ( pinki pie )
    But I like AppleJack! :(
    Well I’m CRAZY and I like to party:D

  82. nick says:

    awesome your like me

  83. Eris Spirit of Chaos says:

    I got Fluttershy then Pinkie pie

  84. Fatlarg says:


  85. MustachePinkyPie MustachePinkyPie says:



    * yay * ( in a whisper) I got f-f-fluttershy… if that’s okay with you, of course……

  87. Cheesebun says:

    Applejack…… Really LOL

  88. Sparky alicorn of the alchemical and arcane says:

    I’m not a bigger fan but I did get AJ on the quiz did you (ps not a big fan of equestria girls never got into the vibe)

  89. Sparky alicorn of the alchemical and arcane says:

    Never got the vibe of equestria girls but I did get AJ on the quiz did you(probably not a bigger fan

  90. Adicto says:

    sure you are the bigest fan and dont let anyone tell you otherwise

  91. the reper45 says:

    i still get rd

  92. Pinkie Pie says:

    you are just a stupid girl,remember?

  93. Gracie Moree says:

    No. You suck, get off the site if you don’t like it!

  94. official_creeper27 says:


  95. fluttershy says:

    some ponys like the show ponys have opinions

  96. Sunset Melody says:

    Internet trolls suck. why do you like going on websites and hating on then when you know u dont like them. if you dont like mlp.. stay away and let the bronies hang out. jeez

  97. Cobalt Thunder says:

    Because you are a troll f*g. dadada dadada. BOOM JACK.

  98. brojangelz brojangelz says:

    If you don’t like it why are you here? Did you even give the show a chance? For a while I never did and spread hate for the show and wound up even joining the ABB (anti brony brother) and then I actually sat down and watched the show and I realized how good it actually is. Now I’m a brony and proud of it. I’m not telling you to watch every single episode tonight but maybe watch first two or three episodes and then decide weather or not the show is that bad.

  99. RAINBOW J DASH says:


  100. ShiningCadence says:

    So it sucks yet you come on here… So you waste your time saying that -_-

  101. Rainbow Dash says:

    Haters gonna hate.

  102. theWaLrUs says:

    Oh, hello there, Troll! Would you like a muffin?

  103. Appel says:

    how could u

  104. PrincessTwi PrincessTwi says:


  105. PrincessTwi PrincessTwi says:


  106. xxDJPon-3xx xxDJPon-3xx says:

    because its awesome!

  107. xxDJPon-3xx xxDJPon-3xx says:

    Because my little pony is awesome!

  108. Princess Fluttershy says:

    I love mlp I got fluttershy in the quiz.

  109. Sparky alicorn of the alchemical and arcane says:

    If you don’t like it why in the whole wide world or equestria are you her

  110. Sparky alicorn of the alchemical and arcane says:

    Not cool

  111. Sparky alicorn of the alchemical and arcane says:


  112. the reper45 says:

    cus i can. but u sir suck [=|

  113. the reper45 says:

    i like pie

  114. Super Mew says:

    Why are you even here then

  115. VinylScratch289 says:

    Ok. For one this is one of the biggest randoms ever. EVERYPONY KILL HIM WITH KINDNESS!

  116. daniel says:

    I bet you have soooooooooo many replies to this comment, imma join in. justwatch one episode. it has a great plot (make a joke and i”ll f*****g kill you),and the ponies are the cutest things EVER
    (the long part of this comment)
    this is how i look at it,
    mlp is about friendship, if you can’t get past that enough to see that my little pony can be a good thing, then you probably don’t have any friends, probably only people that you see every once in a while that are mostly a******s
    to you or others. if so then they aren’t worth being your friends.
    plus if i don’t see a technicolor pony from time to time, i start acting like an a*****e, i start losing my friends, i become nothing but an intolerable idiot ,s**t i would probably be dead. i have extreme depression, pinkie pie is my happiness, fluttershy is my heart, applejack is my word, rainbow dash is my honor, andthe princesses are my role models, and if you dont like it you can suck my equestrian d**k
    (sorry for wasting your time, if you want to try to make me kill myself, my email is ***removed by admin***
    /) ?

  117. the reper45 says:

    cus i can :evial: :loveme:

  118. HATERPATROL says:

    Then why are you on this site? Just to tell them it sucks? :I

  119. mlp rocks (TOM FOR THE WIN!1!) says:

    why did you come to a place called brony land if you think it sucks ;( cuz i love love love looooove it pinkie pie is my favourate cuz i am ALOT like her

  120. Tabby KAT says:

    Well why are you even on this website. Well if you aren’t a fan of My Little Pony just don’t make in fun of it and don’t be such a jerk!!!!!!!!!

  121. PINKY says:

    f**k you you b***h i f*****g hate you you FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love my little pony mostly pinky pie

  122. DashPower says:

    f**k you b***h you little b***h niger ha you FUCkKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love my little pony mostly rainbow dash my friend loves pinkie pie

  123. rainbow says:

    crazy says what now!!!!!!!??????? what’s the matter with you?

  124. FlutterShyPegasi says:

    Because everyone is entitled to have their own opinions, despite whatever complaint you may have.

  125. thegamerator10 thegamerator10 says:

    Why are you even on here? Get out if you don’t like the show! Use your brain! It’s called “Common sense!” :? :derpy:

  126. thegamerator10 thegamerator10 says:

    And you’re here because…? :?

  127. Derpadash says:


  128. KittyPurrPaws says:

    That makes me sad :’( I love my little pony

  129. Weirdoemi says:

    You sir r very rude my little pony is the best!!!!!!!

  130. LowlandPython says:

    I completely f*****g agree

  131. Liz says:

    Omg your prob a inappropriate kid ever!You are not aloud to say f*** on this
    My little pony game

  132. Sparky alicorn of the alchemical and arcane says:

    Thanks for agreeing but let’s keep the language down

  133. Slorf says:

    I got applejack, but the desc. really fits me for some reason.

  134. Rarity the most beautiful pony in equestria says:

    please if you dont want this site go away please because this is for people who are

    1.) Beautiful

    2.) Funny

    3.) Kind

    4). Loyal

    5.) Honest

    6.) Magic

    well……. youre non of them and so please go and if youre bored where a beautiful outfit on a lovely morning sunday

  135. halfyou says:


  136. Pinkie Pie says:

    Very true… I’m most like Pinkie Pie, and have been taken the test a couple times.

  137. Sparky alicorn of the alchemical and arcane says:

    And Liz don’t instigate the situation as a warrior (such as myself) you must know when to stand down you’ll come to know this knowledge eventually

  138. Sparky alicorn of the alchemical and arcane says:

    What’s funny is I have a staff that has a glass orb with the top cut out and it holds a candle and you can put aerosol in it to make flames spit out(note: it is more dangerous than it seems the glass sometimes melts)

  139. Princess flutter shy says:


  140. Sparky alicorn of the alchemical and arcane says:

    Ok I will join in I’m a 6’5″ 250 lbs 15 year old boy that can bench press 310 lbs and have an iq (apparently on a mandatory iq test required by my state school system) of 135 and sneak up on deer so close I can tap it on the shoulder and it’ll c**p it’s pants I’m a brony some people should be scared

  141. thegamerator10 thegamerator10 says:

    You and I share the same type of story.

  142. thegamerator10 thegamerator10 says:

    3 times tested. 3 times Rainbow Dash. I’m awesome. :rd:

  143. Ian says:

    me too!!!

  144. samya says:


  145. BENJA248 says:

    pinkie dash

  146. Reguler Pony Reguler Pony says:

    Nuh uh girlfran, you crazy!

  147. Rainbow Dash says:


  148. BRONY FOR LIFE 1 says:

    Dude yes

  149. emaan says:

    i am fluttershy woohoo!

  150. Cat limes says:

    I got rainbow too

  151. partypie180 says:

    Mlp is Le best show I have ever watched

  152. thegamerator10 thegamerator10 says:

    I know, right?

  153. jaju says:

    twilight sparkle yess

  154. Anne Chavez says:

    I got AppleJack too.

  155. Catholic Brony Catholic Brony says:

    How do you do that (pony emoticons)?

  156. Centaur71 says:

    it would obviously be three diamonds with balloon strings attached… now what if you were half Twilight Sparkle and half Rainbow Dash? THAT would be a busy cutie mark!!!

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