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Hello everypony! It’s been a long time since I posted something here, and I’m very sorry about it. I’ve had lots of exams lately, but, as this week is the last week of exams, I’ll have plenty of time again to post the most interesting news for you all again :)

Let’s start with something big, and i mean BIG! What could be better than a new upcoming Equestria Girls film! Yes, the new EqG “Rainbow Rocks” film will be coming on fall 2014. Get redy to shake those tails and prepare for the party!

But, there’s still more! Find after the break new EqG “Rainbow Rocks” dolls, new toys and new McDonald’s ponies!

New set of ponies on McDonald’s!

Rainbow Power ponies

Rainbow Power ponies

From the 28th of March to the 24th of April, in McDonald’s, with a Happy Meal, you can get one of this awesome new Rainbow Power Ponies! They have a plastic mane and a brushable tail!

New vynil figure on We Love Fine!

new Vynil future Twilight

We Love Fine has this amazing surprise for us! A vynil figure of future Twilight! Isn’t that pose just awesome? You can find it here for 25$

Rarity, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle coming at BABW!

New BABW ponies

Rarity, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are coming to the Build a Bear shops on the 4th of April!





New POP ponies










Here we have some examples of the new POP ponies! All of the ponies will have a big variety of styles you can “pop” and combine as you want. They will aslo bring some accessories as the bracelet you can see on the image above.

POP playset

We also have the image of a POP playset with a Pinkie Pie figure.

More examples:

Zecora POP

Rarity POP



Tons of images from last month’s NY Toy Fair!


NY Toy Fair panoramic shot

Let’s start with a panoramic shot of the MLP part of the Toy Fair.

Now, all the new merch we can find, including lots of new Equestria Girls dolls going with the new film:

New Brushables

New Brushables

New BlindBag

One of the new blindbags

Mixed shot

Here we have a clear shot of the new Chrysalis deluxe, new EqG dolls and a new brushable of Photo Finish

POP shot

A fun shot of the new POP ponies

New EqG

More new EqG dolls

Rainbow Rocks Zecora

Rainbow Rocks Zecora!

Rainbow Rocks Octavia

Rainbow Rocks Octavia!

rainbow Rocks EQG

Rainbow Rocks AJ, Pinkie Pie and Dj-Pon3

Rainbow princesses

New Rainbow Princesse Twilight and Cadance

Breezies & ponies

Twilight adn Fluttershy with the breezies

Snow globe princesses

New snow globe princesses Luna, Cadance and Celestia.


Alright, that’s everything for today. Now, I gotta go to study for tomorrow’s exam XD

Looking forward to your comments! :D















  1. I watched the spoiler/teaser… and did not got amused…
    Also, new dolls? Woah, that’s a spamload of images again!

  2. Moonbutt Moonbutt says:

    First seeing the trailer and something tells me that this movie is going to be far worse than the firs EqG movie(first wasn’t that bad).

    Also were those humanized Diamond Dogs…
    So dragons are dogs and dogs are goblin looking humans :???: (don’t know what kind of messed up dimension that is :? , but i’m sure that Discord would love it :D )

  3. Frost Feather Frost Feather says:

    Am I the only brony actually looking forward to this?

  4. OneWingedPony OneWingedPony says:

    Welp it is official I am sad… WHY MUST IT BE MCDONALDS… would it have been burger king I could have gotten enough toys for the lot of us(I work there) Oh well just gonna have to pay the people at burgerking for a happy meal and ask for the ones I want I guess… =\

  5. derpalicous derpalicous says:

    wow a squeal already? I better see more derpy hooves this time! I don’t see why Hasbro can’t make this into a short series with like…..idk 45 episodes maybe. It would make more sense if you think about it

  6. Thunderp says:

    whai do you do this to me?
    I cant get to any of those cause i live international D:

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