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Here is this week’s episode…

Sweetie Belle is wonderful in this episode!

Go ahead and comment – you know you want to!


  1. Doctor Whooves says:

    I’m loving it and it’s barely started.

  2. PrincessTwi PrincessTwi says:

    ;) – Wow! You are comparing me to Princess Celestia?! I must be wonderful!

  3. Rainbow Bolt says:

    LUNA!!!!!!!! <3

  4. Moonbutt Moonbutt says:

    2 That dream/vision( Sweetiebelle almost throw Rarity into despair and Rarity being one of the EOH. That comes to a conclusion that if the that vision come true Sweetiebelle might just doomd Equestria and is probably the reason why Luna interfered)

    Episode evaluation:
    IT HAS LUNA!!!

    • Wiregirl says:

      0.0 I just realized something! Luna KNEW Sapphire Shores loved dolphins because they swim with her in dreams! Luna is obviously able to Interfere with dreams so she must have been in one of Sapphire Shores’s dreams!

  5. Sweetie_Pie Sweetie_Pie says:

    OMG this is a really good episode!! :) I REALLY REALLY LIKED IT!!! :3

  6. Frost Feather Frost Feather says:

    This was awesome!!! Just a few things…

    1) Anypony else notice Luna’s voice change?
    2) Talk about Whiney-Belle instead of Sweetie Belle!!! :lol:
    3) Sister problems. Luna doesn’t even know where to start….
    4) Umm…. I don’t know about that headdress….. It sure is something else…

    Overall I liked this episode!

  7. Vexyl says:

    I still cant log-in ;-;
    1) Is Mrs. Cake drinking…. wine?
    2) I feel like a pony sleeping sideways would be really uncomfterble
    3) Sweetie Belle is using full magic now! Did anyone notice?
    4) Sweetie Belle wasn’t in Ponyville before she turned 5
    5) Luna has a new voice? NUUUUUU….

    Anyways, yay another CMC episode! <3

    • Moonbutt Moonbutt says:

      A CMC episode ?
      It was obviously a Luna episode.

      As for Sweetiebelle using magic yes i noticed it (but i don’t think she is using full magic, she is a filly afterall)

  8. Cheekycheezy Cheekycheezy says:

    LUNA! 8/10 great episode.

  9. Scorch Scorch says:

    I enjoyed this one quite a bit haha!

  10. Shihtzumasterdx says:

    Well, looks like i was 2/3 wrong XD. but, i’m thinking that “testing, testing” is going to be centered around twilight or technology. If twilight found the internet, mother of celestia. 0_0

  11. TimidClef TimidClef says:

    I love the idea of Luna visiting in dreams. It’s a perfect way to involve her character more.

    Also – I’m glad I’m not the only one who was like, “Oh, puhleeze!” when Sweetie started complaining about sister problems to Luna. :) SB’s a good filly, but she’s definitely got her older sister’s sense of the melodramatic.

  12. Snowy P. Snowy P. says:

    LLLLUUUNNNAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, loves Sapphire Shores’ voice!

  13. Shihtzumasterdx says:

    Flim and film are up next!

  14. lunarocks120 says:

    L-Luna is back!!!! HER SECOND APEARENCE IN A DREAM!!!! I ;LOVE DREAM LUNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Royal Guard Royal Guard says:

    I liked Luna’s appearance. I’m hoping for a new record of Luna appearances. Season 3 currently holds the lead with 4! All Season 4 needs is 2 more and its our new Luna appearance champion!

  16. Rarityfan1973 says:

    OK episode, but it was good to have Luna back.

    The Wonderbolts comes back in next episode.


  17. Rarityfan1973 says:

    Great episode.


  18. Button Mash says:

    So glad Sweetie Belle got her episode

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