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Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf


Hay fellow Bronylanders…

My youngest son Edison is an author. He is giving away a Free digital copy of his first book – “Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf”. It’s a really good story, but you’ll find it is kind of scary in parts. So, be aware.

If you like monster stories, I strongly recommend you read this book. It is loosely based off of a real beast story about a werewolf like beast in rural Wisconsin by where we live.

And for the next couple of weeks he is giving away a free digital copy of his book.

(a $4.99 value)

All he asks in return is for you to leave an honest, unbiased review on Amazon.com when you are finished. You can see his book page at Amazon.com by going here:


Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf

Click Here to view
the Amazon page with Reviews


So, if you want a free digital copy of his book, all you have to do is email him at: edison@wisconsinwerewolf.com


Let him know Brite Butt sent you, and that you’d like a free digital copy of his book. Easy as that. He will hook you up.


Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf
Click this image for a cool Wisconsin Werewolf video



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Haha, thought this one was cute!  And love the style!

Here’s the final video montage of the Crystal Fair in Helsinki by our fun (and sometimes a little bit crazy) Juu50x! I think he (and his many characters) did a great job of capturing the good times from the event! Be sure to check it out!

Here’s the first Chapter of a fanfic written by our Broekaki artist, MusicOverMatter, who did the cover art, along with Lightning Pride who did the Chapter illustration. This is her first pony-related fanfic, so I thought I’d share it with you. It’s a dark tragedy, so keep that in mind.

For Their Sins... - Cover Art ~ By MusicOverMatter

For Their Sins… – Cover Art ~ By MusicOverMatter

No one knows just why it happened. How would they? Kelpies and Merponies were never very fond of each other, and when it came to Sirens–the sworn protectors of the Merfolk–there couldn’t be any set of creatures so ill fated to feel anything towards the other. But it happened, and for their sins there was a price to pay. But who would really end up paying it?

“Through the shadows of these many hundred years, hear the story of a thousand falling tears.”

Here’s another really fun video from Juu50x from his trip to Crystal Fair in Helsinki. This one is a real treat as it has Daniel Ingram and Anneli Heed singing This Day Aria along with a karaoke game!

Daniel & Anneli: This Day Aria:

Hey hey hey eveypony! :)
Here’s my newest creation! It’s my anthem for the brony hardstyle group i’m part of called Hard With PonyStyle Records. I hope you enjoy it! Please leave a comment and tell me your thoughts! I’d really appreciate it! :)

Howdy Everypony! I found you all another great PMV! Enjoy it! :)

OMG I sooooooooo want to make these right now! Well, actually I soooooo want to EAT these right now, but I’d love to make them too! They’re so cute! :)

People! I’m so sorry for suddenly falling off the planet. x3 But I’m back and I want to show you some more art!


King Sombra by BakaMeganekko on deviantART


Shining and Twilight by xormak on deviantART


Rarity MLP:FiM Custom Xbox One Controller by CARDI-ology on deviantART


So what do you think? Comment about it and visit Bronyland dA’s Wallpaper Gallery for more!


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I was so taken by Nokiri’s recent pony drawing that I just HAD to share it! The colors, the shading, the details… certainly worthy of a nod and a brohoof!

Sagittarius ~by Nokiri

Sagittarius ~by Nokiri