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It’s me, Opaque, with some news for you:

There is an upcoming Brony convention in Finland which goes by the name of Crystal Fair and takes place between the 4th and the 6th of July, 2014. The convention welcomes all interested individuals from around the world both big and small. It should be noted that the convention is family friendly.


And don’t worry about language. English will function as the primary language of the convention, so there’s no need to take out your Finnish phrasebook during each and every event.

The convention will be held at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki. For more info click here. Tickets can be bought here.


More detailed info about Crystal Fair beyond the “Read more” button!

Read more

I found a cute little video for you all, enjoy! :)

I came across some beautiful fan art today and just HAD to share it with all of you! Check out the rest of the work from these amazing artists!






Click to see even more featured Fan Art  Read more

Well everypony, the time has come… we must remove the links we offered to the different MLP episodes.

Hasbro has been issuing Cease and Desist notices to many fansites for quite some time,  such as Ponyarchive.org, asking them to remove their archived videos, and even recently to more fan video creators, such as Jan animations.

I am sad at this turn of events, but I do respect Hasbro’s legal right to control their copyright. With that said, I am as of today removing all video links to all the video episodes.

So, let’s not make a fuss about this. Let’s just continue to enjoy the show and our Bronyland website. Please, ponies… let’s move on.


I am sure many of you have seen the news since it happened almost a month ago, and if you haven’t here’s the scoop:

A 9 year old boy named Grayson, brings a Rainbow Dash bag to school, only to be told by the principle that he isn’t allowed to because of the bullying that could occur from a boy having a pony backpack. Since then, the principle has allowed Grayson to bring his bag to school, and sent out a statement regarding the schools effort to prevent and/or stop bullying.

This may be old news, but there is one key issue that continues to happen every day, and that is bullying. I don’t know all of the viewers (a shame, really), but it is safe to assume that most of you have experienced bullying to some extent, whether or not it was pony related. I’m here to tell you that you are not alone and never will be! You will always have a Brony community to come to when things get hard and we will always be willing to listen!

Do you have any stories of how you or a friend overcame bullying? Let us know in the comments!

In the mean time, here is an adorable picture of Fluttershy giving you a brohoof for being awesome. :)

oh_fluttershy_by_soulspade-d5dg7pgThank you to SoulSpade for uploading this adorable drawing to Deviantart!(Click on the picture to check out his other works)


Hello everybody, today’s theme is all about: non-pony characters.


1. Who is a non-pony character with a cutie mark?
2. Who voiced Seabreeze?
Bonus: Where did Discord’s personality come from?

Answers to #119:

1. Mud Pie
2. Fleur Dis Lee, Mane-iac, or Princess Cadence

Winners: Moonbutt, Han “Whovian” Solo, Shadowbolt, and Princess Twilight

Good Luck!!! :D

Howdy Everypony!

I just got back from a long vacation in Florida… Since I live north of Atlanta,Ga it took around 8 hours to get to Orlando, where I went to Disney World’s “The Magic Kingdom” and then wen’t to Sea World and had fun on some roller coasters! After a few days there I hit Clearwater Beach… And even though Im 15 years old… Its the first time I have ever been to the beach. After that it was head home. Took 11 hours to get home because Interstate traffic is terrible. But enough about me and my endeavors. Have an end of spring break bash with a few videos! Enjoy! :)

Sonic Rainboom [SFM]

Chaotic Wedding

The Pony Song

MLP: Tron (Cheer Up Fluttershy!) \ Animation

I’m sorry to say everypony -

There was no new episode this week.

Stay tuned… next week’s episode looks like a really fun one.

Hey Everypony! I have exciting news from Pony Tim, from Equestrian Dreamers, the development team for the MLP fan game My Little Investigations.  As of April 9th, the game has finally been released!  Here’s what he had to say about it!

My Little Investigations – Case 1 “True Blue Scootaloo” Released

My Little Investigations

My Little Investigations

That’s right! After almost three years in development, the first case in My Little Investigations is finally ready to be released to the public!

Check out the trailer!

Click for more details on how YOU can play!   Read more

Hello everybody, I just wanted to note the lack of participation in the last trivia. Is it because I was gone for awhile or is the fact that you’re getting bored of it D: . Anyways, let’s get this trivia going!!!


1. Where does Maud’s name come from?

2. Which character’s design is a modified version of Luna’s?


Answers from #118:

1. G1

2. At a VIP table in “The Best Night Ever”


Winners: Moonbutt, Frost Feather, Shadowbolt, and Storm Twirl


Good Luck!!! :D