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When you’re a popular website like ours, automated “Hack Bots”  always try to get into your site and flood it with ads.  So we have decided to create a new login page that should block the “Hack Bots” and keep Bronyland fun for you.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you now login
using this address:

use this

You can continue to use your current name and password

Loved the artwork on this one! Ok, seriously now, who wants a Root Beer Float!?!

Howdy Everypony! No, Im Dead Yet… And Haven’t Dropped Off The Face Of The Earth. I’ve Just Been Really… Really… Really Busy. But I Have A New Post For All You Mares And GentleColts. Enjoy!


I’ve seen some pretty spiffy Cosplay Costumes recently. What do you think?  Have you seen any really cool ones? Any that really made you stop and go “Wow!”  Or if you were talented enough to make one, what would yours be like? Tell us about it!


Time to feature a few of the drawings in the Broekaki again. Such a great way to let your inner artist come out and play!

I'm alive yay! ~by TwilightFlutter

I’m alive yay! ~by TwilightFlutter

I forgot how to pone (And I'm lost in chibi paint) ~by Starlet

I forgot how to pone (And I’m lost in chibi paint) ~by Starlet

Luminous and Green Streak ~by misa-acar

Luminous and Green Streak ~by misa-acar

Well here’s the review of Season 4 from our crazy reviewers, Juuso from Finland, and Leo from England (and perhaps a few of their characters sprinkled in as well!). Those guys crack me up! This is a long one though, about 47 minutes long. Grab some popcorn!

Hello everybody. Apologies about just dropping off the face of the earth for a while there. I was simply enjoying what time I had left of my summer. After recently checking my string of posts, it looks like it has been awhile since the last trivia (June 23 to be precise). Hopefully I can get that back up and running soon. I use the word “soon” very lightly as my schedule for this year is very demanding. Then when school prdouctions come around my schedule gets absolutely wrecked. That tidbit aside, (for those who would like to anyways) what has been going on for you guys recently? I would like some interaction between myself and you (to reconnect my self with the site). Feel free to ask me questions as well.

So many Lessons in life to learn! Just when you think you’ve got the hang of one… up pops another! Did you ever get in trouble for telling the truth? Or get hurt when someone told you the brutal truth? Or was there a time that a little white lie was needed to spare someone’s feelings? Tell us your story!

Hey party ponies! I have a new remix for you! No, it’s not a pony remix, but it was released on my brony music label Hard With Ponystyle, and I felt as though you would enjoy it. :)
Also, on a deeper note, I do feel as though the title represents the brony fandom. Why? Because even though we do have our fair share of differences, we aren’t just a fandom. We are one big family… We. Are. One! :)

Hey hey hey party ponies! I have some important news and updates for you, but I don’t want to take up a whole page explaining it all to you. So, I made a video explaining everything. :) I hope you will watch it and, well, the video says the rest… ;)

Ooopsie! How did I miss this? Oh well! Always an interesting compilation of videos from JHaller! So what do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Which one was your favorite?