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TNT Trivia: Sunday

Hey guys! For once I don’t have much to say. I may update my OC soon. Anyways, good luck with the trivia!


1: Halloween is the equivalent of what MLP holiday?

2: How many ponies have been incorrectly animated (as a total) as alicorns?

Answers to the last trivia:

1: Stare Master

2: Golden Grape

Winners of the last trivia:

flutterjames, Rosebud, selter-hack-x23, Playahermosa

Good luck! ;)

TNT Trivia: Tuesday

Hey guys, sorry for another late trivia. My computer mouse broke, and then my 2nd computer mouse broke… yep not an amazing start to the week. Anyways, here’s the trivia, good luck to everybody!


1: The song ‘Hush Now Lullaby’ is from what episode?

2: What pony has the cutie mark of 2 strings of green grapes?

Answers to the last trivia:

1: “Just because somepony is lady-like doesn’t make her weak. In fact, by using her wits, a seemingly defenseless pony can be the one who outsmarts and outshines them all” (Yeah that’s really long)

2: A pony judge from ‘Rarity Takes Manehattan’

Winners of the last trivia:

flutterjames, selter-hack-x23

QOTD: What is your favorite city?

TNT Trivia: Thursday

Oh yes, its time again. LEADER BOARDS!! Good luck with todays trivia, and congrats to our winners.


1: What is Twilight Sparkle’s lesson about in the episode ‘A Dog and a Pony Show (What does she learn)?

2: Who is Prim Hemline?

Answers to the last trivia:

1: Shannon Chan-Kent

2: Yellow, Blue, and Purple

Winners of the last trivia:

flutterjames, Grinding Gears, selter-hack-x23


1st place – Rosebud (7 wins)

2nd place – The reper 45, and Flutterjames (5 wins each)

3rd place – Selter-hack-x23 (4 wins)

4th place – Rainbownight, JDD20, and Rainbow Cloud

5th place – Technecally, nobody

Grats to our winners and good luck on todays trivia! Remember Rosebud, getting 1st place means you can write your own questions for a trivia then send it to me. When you are ready we will get you the information needed.

Our crazy friends Juu50x & Leo have another fun review for us…the Season 4 Finale. So while we await the next Season to begin, grab some popcorn and let’s sit back and watch this fun review together!

tnt sunday

Yeah I know what a few of you are thinking ‘What? A trivia on a Sunday? Madness!’ Well yeah, i’m gonna start doing trivia Sunday and Thursday, so you have a good amount of time for each, and enough to keep you interested. Anyways, next trivia is final one for this period, so get your wins in. Good luck!


1: Who voices the English Silver Spoon?

2: What color(s) are Holly Dash’s mane?

Answers to the last trivia:

1: Ellen Kennedy, for all 3 heads

2: ‘Magical Mystery Cure’ and ‘Bats’

Winners of the last trivia:

JDD20, selter-hack-x23, the reper45, Rosebud, flutterjames

One last question, what theme do you use on the website? I use the AJ one ;)


Love cosplay? Got mad acting chops? Everfree Northwest is looking for volunteers to lend a hoof and play a part in our show this year by cosplaying and acting in our skits! If you’ve got what it takes, let us know! Head over to the following link for instructions on how to apply: http://goo.gl/RehIK1

Simply record a video of your audition, and attach a link to the volunteer form found here: http://goo.gl/HtV2Zr

The deadline for submissions is April 1st. We can’t wait to see what you bring to the table!

TNT Trivia: Tuesday

I lied. I’m sorry. The website had a dead link for log in, and I missed the normal trivia day. Just got home to check, it works now, so sorry guys. Remember, the end is coming up soon for this period of trivia’s. Good luck on the leaderboards. Anyways, I wish you guys the best of luck ;)


1: Who voices the Chimera in English?

2: In what 2 episodes does Fluttershy’s cutie mark temporarily change?

Answers to the last trivia: 

1: Indeed it is (Briefly)

2: Many creatures, I accepted Timber Wolves, Cockatrice, Cragadile, Manticore, Sea Serpent, Ursa minor / major, Parasprite, and I also accepted Zecora (Or zebra)

Winners of the last trivia:

Rosebud, huey matney, TheBlueGamer

Good luck to all!

Here are two new and different reactions for Season 5′s new Trailer/Teaser. First one is our own Juu50x’s reaction to the Trailer while the second one has everyone’s beloved Brony Commander, with more of his crazy schemes for the Pony Power, and our world.
Juu50x says: “Hope you will like these!” :)




The Everfree Northwest convention book is in need of a cover, and who better than the amazingly talented artists of the MLP fan community to create it? That’s why we are opening up the opportunity to create the official cover for this essential guide to the EFNW 2015 experience! Details can be located on our website ateverfreenw.com/events/art-contest and below.  Read more

TNT Trivia: Tuesday

Hello everybody! I am SO sorry about the lack of trivias. It was about a 2 week break, due to there being problems with the site itself. Secondly, Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is coming out any day not, so I will have a lot on my plate (I love that series). But from now on all trivias will be on the dot. Thanks for understanding guys! Good luck ;)


1: Many places are mentioned throughout the show. Is ‘Mustangia‘ a place mentioned in the show?

2: Name 3 creatures that live in the Everfree Forest.

Answers to the last trivia:

1: The Big Lebowski

2: The intro to the show (That was a poorly worded question)

Winners of the last trivia:

Rosebud, Selter-hack-x23, the reper45, Photonic Rainboom

Best of luck to everyone ;)