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When you’re a popular website like ours, automated “Hack Bots”  always try to get into your site and flood it with ads.  So we have decided to create a new login page that should block the “Hack Bots” and keep Bronyland fun for you.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you now login
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Howdy Everypony! I’m Back!!! And I found A Funny Video Where They Compare Rainbow’s Stats With 1st Gen Starscream. And See Who Would Win *Que Music* A Death Battle! WoOt! Enjoy!

So I watched the top 10 pony vids for August by JHaller recently, and this PMV blew me AWAY!!! For the few of you asking ‘Is this a Typography?’ No, its not a Typography (for once) but its definitely one of the best PMV’s I’ve seen for a long time. So enjoy!

Here’s a cute little short one for you! Our funny MLP troll character friend, Fagan, makes another ‘blooper’ discovery! Did you notice this one?



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Hello mares and gentlecolts! So I’ve been looking ALL over YouTube for some cool PMV that hasn’t been posted yet (Since all the best ones were posted already! :P ) and I really love Typographies. For those of you who don’t know what a Typography is, here’s a great example of one :D

Hi guys! Vex is here and I get to start showing you gentlecolts and mares some videos! I’m gonna try showing you all songs I liked (made by the Brony community) and some cool videos I’ve seen as well. So first video, this is The PMV (Pony Music Video) Assertive Fluttershy (I really enjoyed that episode) by TheAcleps, and I think he makes awesome PMV’s. So without further ado, the video!!! /)


Hey everypony! Just want you to know that some new members of the Herd will start to make their appearances around here! Will be fun to have some new faces around! :)

Vexel - Video Contributor

Vexel – Video Contributor

The first one will be Vexel, who will mostly be bringing some Pony Music Videos (PMVs) for you to check out! Look for some cool videos that he’ll start finding for you to make an appearance soon!

Another crazy and ever entertaining video from our Juu50x, er, um I mean The Scientific Brony, while he was at BUCKCon 2014 in Manchester, UK. Looks like it was a hilariously good fun time!

Loved the artwork on this one! Ok, seriously now, who wants a Root Beer Float!?!

Howdy Everypony! No, Im Dead Yet… And Haven’t Dropped Off The Face Of The Earth. I’ve Just Been Really… Really… Really Busy. But I Have A New Post For All You Mares And GentleColts. Enjoy!