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TNT Trivia: Tuesday

Welcome to the trivia! I don’t have much to say… but good luck everypony ;)


1: Name 1 episode where a Hang Glider is seen.

2: What is Pinkie Pie’s full name?

Answers to the last trivia:

1: A snowflake

2: Bravely Blue

Winners of the last trivia:

selter-hack-x23, flutterjames, Rainbow Cloud, the reper45, Rosebud

Before I go, another question, who is your favorite Cutie Mark Crusader?

Equidev Horsegame Demo announcement image

We’re pleased to announce the release of the much anticipated HorseGame demo! Taking place on the grounds of an abandoned monastery overlooking the pristine coastal waters of Saddle Greccia, the playable area is about the size of a 12-16 player multiplayer map and is packed with a variety of enemies, collectables, and combinable spells to play around with.


Available for Windows, OSX, and Linux, you can find the download for the demo on our site, and you can also find the gameplay trailer here. We’d like you to keep in mind that this is still an early demo of the game, so what you see here will still be undergoing many changes before the release of the full game.


The full HorseGame will be a free, 3D action-adventure platformer, where we aim to make the Adventure Mode a fully fleshed-out experience complete with voice acting and cutscenes. Alongside Adventure Mode, you will be able to duke it out with friends online in our arena-style match mode, where the combat will be based on what exists in adventure mode, but modified and balanced around player vs. player gameplay.


To address concerns some of you have had: We currently believe it is not likely for Horsegame to be C&D’d since the game features entirely original settings and characters. This will also be true for the full game.

Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or other feedback by emailing us at contact(at)equidev.net. And don’t forget to follow us on twitter @SprakleDev, subscribe to us on YouTube, and follow us on tumblr to catch all of our future updates!

TNT Trivia: Tuesday

He-hello everypony! How is every this week? I hope you all had a great weekend. Lets get to the questions! Good luck! ;)


1: What is the flag of the crystal empire (Whats on it) ?

2: What was Daring Do’s name while in development?

Answers to the last trivia:

1: A blue shield with Twilights star and 3 small white stars

2: Zecora or Discord (I actually haven’t seen the season 4 finale :O )

Winners of the last trivia

Rosebud, the reper45, flutterjames, Rainbownight, Thunderspark, Samernamer

Before I go, what is your favorite MLP song? It can be from the movies or show.

Here’s a funny one (looks like the start of a silly series) from Hallelujah Brony! Some things that you should NOT say if you’re a Brony… I think we all have a few we can add to the list! Check it out and let him know what you think!

TNT Trivia: Tuesday

Welcome to the trivia of alliteration! Say it out loud, ‘TNT Trivia Thirteen’. Anyways I wish you guys good luck ;)


1: What is Shining Armor’s cutie mark?

2: Name 1 non-pony character with a cutie mark

Answers to the last trivia:

1: No

2: Rainbow Dash

Winners of the last trivia: 

Rainbownight, Rosebud, Rainbow Cloud, samernamer, JDD20, the reper45

Good luck everypony!


TNT Trivia: Tuesday

Welcome to the next ‘generation’ of TNT Trivia :3 . We are now restarting the total wins count, sadly last trivias winners wont count to the new ‘generation’. So sorry if you put a lot of effort into those answers. Remember, it means a lot to me <3 . Good luck everypony!


1: In the episode ‘Call of the Cutie’, Cheerilee shows the foals a board of cutie marks. Is a blue star one of them?

2: In ‘Hearths Warming Eve’ who played Commander Hurricane?

Answers to the last trivia:

1: Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings

2: Rebecca Dart

Winners of the last trivia: 

Rainbow Cloud, Flutterjames, The reper45

Hopefully im not stumping you with these questions. Good luck everypony! ;)

TNT Trivia: Thursday

Welcome to the LEADERBOARDS!!!! Today is the 10th trivia, meaning that I will have the leaderboard of the top 5 winners. It will be at the end of the trivia, and the prize will ALSO be released! I also hope everyone has a great new years! Good luck everypony! ;)


1: What was Lauren Faust’s inspiration to make Canterlot?

2: Who designed the Changelings?

Answers to the last trivia:

1: That pony would have a hairless behind!

2: The Twinkling Balloon!

Winners of the last trivia:

Frost Feather, Rainbow Cloud, Rosebud, Flutterjames


1st place : Rainbow Cloud – 8 wins

2nd place : Flutterjames – 5 wins

3rd, 4th, 5th place : Frost Feath, Samernamer, Rainbownight – 2 wins

And as promised a prize. Rainbow Cloud you can submit your own questions for a trivia, simply eMail them to goldnretriver@bronyland.com with your questions. Great job everypony!

And good luck on the trivia ;)



We here at Bronyland hope that all of you wherever you are have a wonderful and happy New Year ahead in 2015!

Howdy everypony! Next trivia will be the 10th, meaning I will post a mini-scoreboard of the top 5 winners (Most trivia wins). I have also noticed that everypony always has the same answer… so every answer I get is either correct or every answer is incorrect. I’m assuming that coincidence. Anyways, good luck everypony!


1: If a pony had the illness ‘Clydesdale fur blight’, what would be different about that pony from a normal pony?

2: The hot air balloon, that Twilight Sparkle flies in the intro and multiple episodes is called what?

Answers to the last trivia:

1: The Alicorn Amulet

2: Donutopia

Winners of the last trivia:

PrincessTwi, Rainbow Cloud, Flutterjames, Rainbownight

Good luck! ;)


TNT Trivia: ThursdayHowdy everypony! Hope you all are having a great holiday time! I know I am. Anyhow, its time for the trivia. Good luck! ;)


1: The Unicharm is the original name of what?

2: In ‘MMMystery on the friendship express’, what food item did Donut Joe make for the contest?

Answers to the last trivia:

1: FIVE fillies. All of you missed Imp, a member from the comics

2: Pink/magenta/purple

Winners of the last trivia:

No winners :(

Good luck this time everypony! ;)