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When you’re a popular website like ours, automated “Hack Bots”  always try to get into your site and flood it with ads.  So we have decided to create a new login page that should block the “Hack Bots” and keep Bronyland fun for you.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you now login
using this address:

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The Everfree Northwest convention book is in need of a cover, and who better than the amazingly talented artists of the MLP fan community to create it? That’s why we are opening up the opportunity to create the official cover for this essential guide to the EFNW 2015 experience! Details can be located on our website ateverfreenw.com/events/art-contest and below.  Read more

TNT Trivia: Tuesday

Hello everybody! I am SO sorry about the lack of trivias. It was about a 2 week break, due to there being problems with the site itself. Secondly, Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is coming out any day not, so I will have a lot on my plate (I love that series). But from now on all trivias will be on the dot. Thanks for understanding guys! Good luck ;)


1: Many places are mentioned throughout the show. Is ‘Mustangia‘ a place mentioned in the show?

2: Name 3 creatures that live in the Everfree Forest.

Answers to the last trivia:

1: The Big Lebowski

2: The intro to the show (That was a poorly worded question)

Winners of the last trivia:

Rosebud, Selter-hack-x23, the reper45, Photonic Rainboom

Best of luck to everyone ;)

Hey hey hey everypony! :) I have a new song for you! It’s the official anthem for one of the labels I’m on. It’s not necessarily a “brony” song,but we are a brony label. :P Hope you enjoy! Be sure to leave a comment and tell me your thoughts!



Welcome to the Trivia! I have 2 things to say. First, i’m sorry for lack of trivia the week before last. I had a trivia out and it didn’t get posted until the week after. Second, it seems you all responded well to the new format of questions. Good luck! ;)


1: In the episode ‘The Cutie Pox’, the scene in the Bowling Alley is a reference to what movie? (I’ve personally never seen it)

2: Where is Twinkleshine’s first appearance? (Hint: it’s not a specific episode)

Answers to the last trivia:

1: Shadow

2: The egg is purple with DARK PURPLE spots

Winners of the last trivia:

Only one: Rosebud

Good luck everypony! ;)

Howdy everypony! Today I bring you some musical stories by Yourenigma. Under each video I’ll post the “story” behind it. Enjoy!

“Vinyl had grown uncomfortably familiar with the metronomic pulse of the busy tone in her ear. Octavia’s new contract with the Canterlot Philharmonic constituted distant gigs, long hours and short conversations between them. The DJ’s typical cool had been ever so slightly marred by this erosion of communication. It bothered her more than she’d ever admit, the reasons for which she struggled to understand.”

“Weeks turned to months as a grueling concert schedule among the bustle of the Canterlot elite left the cellist too breathless to bask in adulation. Yet as tired as she was, sleep simply wouldn’t come. Weary, moistened eyes again turned to the display on her phone and scanned the list of messages. It had been a week since her falling out with the DJ, and she couldn’t shake the feeling that she needed to take some kind of action. The umbrage she took towards being called “uncaring” and “indifferent” still lingered with her. But even stronger was the urge for reconciliation. What a bizarre friendship this had turned out to be. Or maybe it was something more altogether? She bit her lip. Whatever the case, she knew this much: it was something worth running for.”

Well here’s a little peek of the new Season 5 for you! Even tho it still doesn’t give us an exact date other than Spring 2015, it’s a great new trailer, so at least that’s something!!

You can also view it on the MLP Facebook page here.

Check this out Ponies! This is PlayDate Digital’s most recent storybook app that launched recently, January 29th on iTunes! It’s Cutie Pox… the 8th My Little Pony storybook app addition to PlayDate Digital’s portfolio. Check it out!

WHAT:  Celebrating the launch of PlayDate Digital’s MY LITTLE PONY: CUTIE POX interactive storybook app
WHEN:  Launched Thursday, January 29th, 2015 for $2.99 in the App Store, and is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
Do you remember how hard it was to be patient as a little kid?  In this interactive storybook, from PlayDate Digital, under license from Hasbro, Inc., Apple Bloom takes matters into her own hooves and ends up with the Cutie Pox!  Starring the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the My Little Pony: Cutie Pox App teaches reading and patience.  Getting your cutie mark is part of growing up in the My Little Pony’s home of Equestria.  Earning a cutie mark signifies that a pony has discovered his or her special talent and can use that talent to shine and make a difference.  Well, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo can’t wait to grow up and discover who they really are.
Key Features:
  • Starring the Cutie Mark Crusaders – Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle!
  • Featuring Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, and Zecora, too!
  • Interactive MY LITTLE PONY action and voices on every page.
  • Cartoon quality animation
  • Read to Me and Read Along modes for all levels of early and emerging readers.
  • AutoPlay feature that brings the story and animations to life.
  • New and advanced vocabulary highlighted and sounded out on each page.
  • Includes a Sight Word practice section.
  • Designed to create learning goals:
    • Early and emergent literacy
    • New vocabulary
    • Expanding early reading skills
    • Increasing reading comprehension

We have a couple cool Announcements from Everfree NW regarding applications for Ponystock Musicians and Community Guest applications, so check them both out!

(Art by Pixel Prism)
Everfree Northwest Ponystock Musician Applications Now Open

Applications for Ponystock 2015 musicians are now officially open!

Ponystock is Everfree Northwest’s 2 day music concert. Running annually since 2012, it has proven to be one of the most amazing My Little Pony convention concerts in the world! We strive to bring you the forefront of the fandom music scene with dozens of artists spanning several genres of music, but we can’t do it without your help! Click for more info on both announcements Read more

TNT Trivia: Tuesday

Welcome to the trivia! Hope you all had a good week, and from now on, what I will do is have 1 easier question, and 1 harder one. Some people say these trivia’s are too easy, some people don’t like research, so I thought this would be an okay balance. Anyways, good luck! ;)


1: What colors is spike’s egg?

2: The name ‘Sombra’ means what?

Answers to the last trivia:

1: Cutie Pox, or Call of the Cutie

2: Pinkamena Diane Pie

Winners of the last trivia:

Rainbownight, Rainbow Cloud, JDD20, selter-hack-x23 (samernamer), the reper 45, Rosebud, ProfessionalBrony, flutterjames

New question, who/what is your favorite villain? Mine is Sombra :)

Spike at Your Service

Hey everypony!  Sorry there’s been a lack of posts this past week… we had some issues ‘behind the scenes’ here that had to get that dealt with for the site first.  But Brite Butt’s been working on it and should be all set now.  *cheers!*  So I’ll be getting caught up with some of the articles that have been sent in, and if you’ve sent me something that hasn’t appeared yet,  feel free to resend it to me!