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Howdy every pony! I’d like you guys to remember, when you answer to the trivia, please write your answers in a numbered list. I will accept your answers without numbers, but it would help when writing trivia’s to have the answers be numbered. Anyways, good luck guys! ;)


1: How many fillies are in the Cutie Mark Crusaders? This includes fillies from the show and any other material (Like the comics)

2: When Twilight Sparkle uses magic, what color of aura appears around her horn (Being after season 1, since in S1 its inconsistent)

Answers to the last trivia:

1: A white Persian cat

2: Any variation of gems

Winners of the last trivia:

Flutterjames, Rainbownight, Rainbow Cloud, samernamer, LiterallyRarity, Lunar_Ecl1pse, Miss Rarity, Twilight890

Good luck everypony! ;)

Our beloved Brony Commander is back! :D And this time he is reacting to MLP’s Season 5 Teasers with… expected results. Oh that Brony Commander! He’s always a fun way to pass the time until the next season finally arrives! lol

I’m sure most of you have already heard of this unbearable wait for the new Season 5 until Spring 2015, but just in case you missed it… here you go. What will we do until then? Seems like sooooo far away, doesn’t it? What do you think Season 5 will be like?

TNT Trivia: Thursday

Oh why hello! I see you’ve joined me for some trivia. Good luck everyone ;)


1: What kind of cat is Opalescence? (Rarity’s cat)

2: What is Spike’s (assumable) favorite food?

Answers to the last trivia:

1: Magenta Sparkle, Pink Butterfly, Purple diamond, Red Lightning Bolt, Orange Apple, Blue Balloon.

2: Firefly

Winners of the last trivia:

Samernamer, Rainbow Cloud, Flutterjames

Good luck everypony ;)

Words do not describe…. Wheres the Facehoof emote when you need it.

TNT Trivia: Thursday

Welcome all! This is only 2 days after the last trivia, but from now on that’s when I will upload trivia’s, Tuesday and Thursday. Anyways, good luck guys! :)

(Plumeria EDIT: We had an issue getting it published yesterday, so sorry for the delay!)


1: Each element of harmony has a physical shape (The gem on the crown). What shapes are the gems on all the crowns?

2: Rainbow Dash is based on what G1 character?

Answers to the last trivia:

1: Apple Teeny

2: Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness

Winners of the last trivia:

Rainbow Cloud, JDD20, Flutterjames, Lunar Ecl1pse, Chaseman

Good luck everypony! ;)

Hey hey hey party ponies! Hope everypony is having a wonderful holiday season, no matter what holiday you celebrate! :) (I, Personally, celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas)
Anyways, I have a song for you! I know I’m EXTREMELY late posting this, and I apologize deeply. I hope you enjoy it! I would really appreciate feedback!
Stay awesome party ponies! :)

TNT Trivia: Tuesday

Hello everypony! I don’t really know what to say here… but I hope everypony had a great Thanksgiving! Good luck with the trivia!


1: In the episode ‘Bridle Gossip’, after the mane 6 are affected by the Poison Joke plant, what is Spike’s nickname for Applejack?

2: In the episode ‘MMMMystery on the Friendship Express’, what does MMMM stand for? 

Answers to the last trivia:

1: ‘The Cutie Mark Crusaders’ or ‘Rairty Takes Manehatten’

2: Posey

Winners of the last trivia: 

Rainbow Cloud

Good luck everypony! ;)

Here’s another crazy review from our good friends at Starswirl Productions, Juu50x and Leo… this time a review of the two biggest fan films of the Brony fandom – Double Rainboom & Snowdrop. These two always give us a fun review!

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