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Because we have been constantly attacked by “Hack Bots” trying to get into our website and bring us down, we have decided to act with caution and create a new login page that should block the “Hack Bots”.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you now login
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Here’s another really fun video from Juu50x from his trip to Crystal Fair in Helsinki. This one is a real treat as it has Daniel Ingram and Anneli Heed singing This Day Aria along with a karaoke game!

Daniel & Anneli: This Day Aria:

Hey hey hey eveypony! :)
Here’s my newest creation! It’s my anthem for the brony hardstyle group i’m part of called Hard With PonyStyle Records. I hope you enjoy it! Please leave a comment and tell me your thoughts! I’d really appreciate it! :)

Howdy Everypony! I found you all another great PMV! Enjoy it! :)

OMG I sooooooooo want to make these right now! Well, actually I soooooo want to EAT these right now, but I’d love to make them too! They’re so cute! :)

People! I’m so sorry for suddenly falling off the planet. x3 But I’m back and I want to show you some more art!


King Sombra by BakaMeganekko on deviantART


Shining and Twilight by xormak on deviantART


Rarity MLP:FiM Custom Xbox One Controller by CARDI-ology on deviantART


So what do you think? Comment about it and visit Bronyland dA’s Wallpaper Gallery for more!


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I was so taken by Nokiri’s recent pony drawing that I just HAD to share it! The colors, the shading, the details… certainly worthy of a nod and a brohoof!

Sagittarius ~by Nokiri

Sagittarius ~by Nokiri

Broekaki Registration Page is Fixed!

Happy, Happy, Happy

Finally, the registration page for the Broekaki is Fixed!

It took lots of figurin’… but, we finally figured out what the problem was and were able to fix it. So, head on over and sign up for your own Broekaki (Art Board) account.

You can choose your same Bronyland username (if it’s available), or choose a new one. Have Fun… and Enjoy!

 Click Here to go to the Registration Page

Our Juu50x sent some more videos from last weekend’s Crystal Fair in Helsinky Finland. The first is a rather long video of their Late Night Party, Project: PON-3,  where they had many great Brony performances (Vinyl Scratch would be so proud). Looked like fun!

The other video is part of EileMonty’s Panel:

Remember, if you’ve been to any of the Pony gatherings around the world, and you want to share with us, feel free to send me some pics or videos from it!

One of our Bronylanders wanted to share their first ever Pony drawing with all of you! I say you’re off to a good start Rainbownight! It’s fun to bring your own created Ponies from your mind to the paper, isn’t it!  Good job on Gearheart!   Keep drawing!

Gearheart ~By Rainbownight

Hello fillies and gentlecolts! I haven’t been here for a while! Because I was in hospital and home recovering from jaw surgery! But don’t worry, because I’m relatively fine now! You did nothing to aid in my recovering! Thanks anyway for being beautiful guys, and now I have the ability to be beautiful to!

(I still can’t feel a quarter of my face though.)

On the topic of being beautiful, I have a short story for you written by the wonderfully called ‘shortskirtsandexplosions’, which I’m pretty sure is long for ‘Micheal Bay’.

Anyway, this is a beautifully written story about our very own model shy pegasus and her just doing her thing of being the utmost best representation of her element. (That being Kindness, in case Discord messed with your memories accidentally on purpose like he did with me that one time… I think… I can’t exactly remember.)

Anyway, anyway! Clicky the Picky belowy to ready the lovely story, after you ready the shorty describe-ity thingy.

The title doesn't change if you hover your mouse over it.

We Live In a Kind World ~ by shortskirtsandexplosions


An angry old stallion frustrates the citizens of Ponyville with his insulting, cantankerous ways.  Nopony can stand him, including Princess Twilight and her circle of friends.  All the while, Fluttershy quietly looks on.